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Personalized Name Slip
Personalized Name Slip
Personalized Name Slip
Personalized Name Label
Personalized School Label

Personalized Name Labels - Barbie

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Personalized Name Labels: Keep Track of Your Kids' Stuff!

At Love Craft Gifts, we believe in adding a touch of uniqueness to every student's academic journey. Our customizable name slips allow you to customize your child's school supplies with their name, picture, and even their favorite cartoon characters. So, goodbye to lost notebooks and bottles in school with school labels.

In today's busy school setting, children often lose track of their belongings, but our personalized name slips, adorned with your child's image and name, offer a foolproof solution to ensure their items are easily recognized and less chance to getting lost.

Find Multifunctionality of Name slip

Name slips, also called name labels or school labels, help keep your child's stuff safe at school. Stick these labels on notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, and many more school items. They work for kids of all ages, from little ones to high schoolers. Moreover, With these labels, you won't have to worry about lost items anymore!

Endless Customization Options With name Labels

A standout feature of these name labels is their customization option. You can personalize them with your child's picture and name. What sets them apart is their unique cartoon designs and high quality, making them extra special for your little ones.

Simplifying Lost and Found

In fact, If your child accidentally loses something at school, worry not! The name slips make it easy to identify the owner of the lost item. No one can mistake your child's belongings for theirs. you can find their lost items easily in crowd with these name labels.

Benefits for Schools and Parents

Our name slips offer numerous benefits for both schools and parents alike. Schools appreciate the organization that comes with labeled school items, while teachers can easily identify the owners of lost items. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child's belongings are well-protected.

Themes of Name Slips:

  1. Brush Stroke Name Slip
  2. Barbie Name Slip
  3. Motu Patlu Name Slip
  4. Shinchan name Slip
  5. Jungle Book Name Slip
  6. Bluish Name Slip


In conclusion, paper name slips are the best solution to protect your children's belongings from loss. The customization feature makes these name labels a perfect source for the identity of the child. Name and picture of your child make it truly yours. Unique designs of the label also make it more special than normal labels.

FAQs For Name Slip Sticker

Q: How durable are the name slips?

A: Our name slips are printed on high-quality materials, ensuring durability throughout the school year.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: It depends on the factors of the orders, our team work diligently to ship your order as soon as possible.

Q: How many stickers come in One Sheet?

A: One Single Sheet contains 36 stickers of labels. All are with the same designs and size.

Q: What are the benefits of this School Label?

A: First of all your child's belongings will never be stolen. And anyone can easily know the owner of the belonging through a name slip. You can found lost items in crowd easily.

Q: Are the name slips waterproof?

A: While the name slips themselves are not waterproof, they are coated with a protective layer that helps repel water and prevent smudging.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts for schools or organizations?

A: Yes, we offer special pricing for bulk orders. Get in touch with us to learn more about our discounts for schools and organizations.

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