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Personalized Panda Gift With Name - For Him/Her

Personalized Panda Gift With Name - For Him/Her

Personalized Panda Gift With Name - For Him/Her

A Personalized Panda Gift for your partner is the cutest one. Your partner's name on this sweet Panda Gift gives it a lovable look.

Wooden Personalized Panda Gift by Love Craft Gifts

In the world of giving presents to your loved ones, it is tough to find a perfect present. So, we created a perfect gift option “Personalized Panda” that you can present to your partner. This cute present lets you express your love and affection to your partner.

Perfect Panda Gift For Birthday, Anniversary & Valentine’s Day.

Whether it’s a Birthday, Anniversary & Valentine, the Personalized Panda is a perfect present for your loved ones. It stands as a symbol of versatility. However, this present is suitable for gifting in all celebrations.

Moreover, this Cute Panda captures the moment of the celebration. It gives a beautiful smile to the face of a loved one.

Panda Gift For Adults - For Both Him & Her.

Moreover, the next highlight of this Panda Lamp is that it can be suitable for both him and her. You can freely gift to your partner without any gender obligations. You can freely Express your love and appreciation for both genders by gifting this Personalized Panda Lamp.

Panda-Themed Gift With LED Light.

To add some uniqueness to this Panda, We created it with beautiful LED Light. This Light helps in highlighting the name of your partner, which makes it creative from other normal presents.

Therefore, this present with LED Light becomes a gift of cherished memories. On the other hand, it also helps in creating your bond strong and unbreakable with your loved ones.

Spreading Love With Personalized Panda

Valentine Theme Panda Gift By Love Craft Gifts

In addition, this Personalized Panda Gift spreads love and joy with your partner and loved ones. It is a very unique present that comes with a beautiful LED light, a name option, a comfortable handling size, and with suitable weight.

Panda Gift Idea Makes Lovely Gifting Experience

At last, Opening the box with a lovely present wrapped and having a Panda inside create a lovely environment. This gift makes your connections unforgettable and unbreakable.

Specifications of Panda Gift
Size 6.5”H x 5.0”W
Weight 190 gm
Occasion Anniversary, Birthday, and all occasions.
Gender Both
Price 499/-
Personalized Name Yes
Led Light Yes
Cash On Delivery Yes

Above all mentioned specifications are highlighted in this lamp.

In Conclusion: Gift Beyond The Ordinary

In the search for the perfect present, let the “Panda Gift” be your guide. Moreover, its unique features like a personalized name, LED light, and more, make it a lovely present for all occasions. We designed this Panda in such a way that it is suitable for both genders. So, make your next occasion memorable with a present beyond the ordinary - the Personalized Panda.

FAQs For Panda Gift

Q:- Is a Personalized Panda Gift suitable for both men and women?

Yes, this is designed in such a way that it is suitable for both him and her.

Q:- Can I change the color of the light in Personalized Panda?

Currently, Personalized Panda comes with soft and Warm Light, which makes it a comfortable lighting experience. Another color creates it disturbing experience.

Q:- Is the light in the Personalized Panda battery operated?

Yes, light operates with a battery and you can easily change it when the battery is over.

Q:- How do I can clean the Personalized Panda Gift?

To clean a Personalized Panda generally wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. Try to avoid liquid substances from Panda.

Q:- How can I personalize the panda with my partner’s name?

In the ordering process, generally, a name option is provided where you have to enter your partner’s name. And that name will be personalized on the panda.